Home Education

As well as the music creation with mental health I have also been teaching music lessons for children within the Home Education sector.

Music I Offer:

Music Instruments I Play white n smaller

Music Tech (Logic Pro + Ableton)
Music Theory

Each lesson can be specifically tailored to suit a student or group of students depending on their likes and dislikes.

Everyone is different and it is important to engage each child in order to get the best out of each individual to make sure they enjoy what they are learning.

While one student may love singing their sibling may loath singing but love the idea of learning the flute and vice versa!

Depending on the size of the class depends on how specific the area of music tuition that I can offer. For example: if I am teaching 4 kids at the same time then teaching on a drum kits isn’t really viable. however teaching 4 pupils music theory or music creation (creating music on the computer) is perfectly feasible. and of course I can always split a group into 2 parts and teach (for example) 2 people music creation and 2 others on guitars… no problem.

So really it comes down to a discussion with both the parents and the students to decide what their interests are and how best to accommodate those needs.

tom playing piano