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Great News! 100% Free Music Lessons With Free Government Funding

If you or a family member has been given either a physical or mental health diagnoses then you will be entitled to a Personal Budget which can be paid to you by Direct Payments issued by the government.

Basically, (in regards to what I offer) as long as the service you want the funding for is beneficial to the person regarding education, health and/or care needs, then you can get 100% of the cost paid for and as it is well known, music is a fantastic therapeutic and educational outlet.

Below is a brief summary of what you are entitled too and you will find the necessary links to more info about this funding and a link to apply for it.


Personal budgets – are designed to help families have more control over their lives. A personal budget is made up of resources that can be used flexibly to support a child or young person with their education, health and/or care needs, as identified in their care and support plan. This does not usually include universal services that all children and young people can access, but may include individual support that needs to be put in place for a child or young person with SEN or a disability. The personal budget (along with the care and support plan) enables a child or young person to exercise greater choice and control over how their education, health and care needs are met.
You can take a personal budget in different ways:

• The Local Authority, school or college will look after the personal budget for you. This is called an organisational arrangement or a notional budget.
• You can receive money directly to manage all or part of the personal budget yourself. This is called a direct payment.
• You can opt to have someone else manage the personal budget for you. This is called a third party arrangement.
• You can have a combination of some or all of these arrangements.

Direct Payments CHILDREN


Direct Payments = Devon Card

If you choose to take a direct payment, it will normally be paid to you using the Devon Card.

The Devon Card is a safe and efficient way to pay for services, for people who manage their own support using direct payments.
It is a ‘pre-loaded’ card that works in a similar way to a bank debit card. However, it does not offer credit or an overdraft. Money must be loaded onto the card before you can spend it, and you can only spend what has been loaded onto the card.
You won’t need to set up a bank account for your direct payments, you won’t need to send in statements and we will have greater opportunity to help you get the support you need.
The following cardholder guide contains everything you need to know about using the card and will give you a better idea of how useful it can be.

Direct Payments ADULTS –

Applying For Direct Payments

Click this link to apply for Direct Payments –

SOCIAL CARE DIRECT PAYMENTS POLICY – Social Care Direct Payments Policy