Music Tuition With Mental Health

    tom playing piano

    Hi! My name is Toby. I’ve built up 10 years+ experience working with both children and adults with a wide variety of Mental Health diagnoses and behavioural disorders.

    I have been working for Step One Charity for the past 4 years now but in the last year due to COVID I was unable to see my clients face to face so I had more time to work on my personal music goals. Once I was able to go back to face to face contact it was apparent that music was one of their top anxiety reducing methods.

    This gave me the idea I could combine my 2 greatest passions, music and helping people. As a result I can use my skill set and experience to teach people who may not have the usual level of accessibility to enjoy creating music (either live or digitally, and in a way that works best for them) as it can be harder to accommodate physical or mental needs.

    Music Tuition I Offer:

    Guitar and Bass
    Digital Music Creation (creating your own tunes using software such as Logic Pro, Reason & Cubase)

    Prices: £40/h. Of course I can offer the classic 30 minute session but it will depend on concentration levels as this will vary from person to person

    Students are welcome to use my drum kit (obviously) electric guitar and bass and my flute to start with but they will need their own instruments in order to practise.

    Look out for a near future post where I will be promoting a taster day in Tiverton.


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